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Do violent video games make children violent?

Ask any moms and dad: It is difficult to tear a youngster far from a video game. Yet there are concerns that terrible video games might advertise violent thoughts, and make children and adolescents much more assertive.

The discussion has actually been going on for some time, and just recently intensified after scientists in Singapore launched a study based on 3,000 youngsters ages 8 via 17.

The researchers claimed those which confessed playing a bunch of fierce computer game revealed much more hostility later on in life. Neither the sex of the youngster, past bad actions or even the level of parental guidance made any type of difference.

The results, posted in JAMA Pediatrics, produced controversy– in part because previous research studies conducted in the United States suggested parental involvement has a big influence on whether a child showed aggressiveness.

Psychologist Angela Fletcher, with the Children’s National Health System, says a great deal even more research is needed.

Fletcher claims if a youngster already has vigorous propensities, playing intense video games definitely won’t aid, yet agrees the bottom line is parental participation.

She says kids respond to video games in lots of different means, and parents need to keep a close watch on their children and their behavior when gaming.

“We consistently inform moms and dads to review the ratings on the video game, visit the amusement software program score board and look it up,” Fletcher states.

She additionally urges moms and dads to check out games with their youngsters and talk to them regarding any type of unsuitable violence those video games might contain.

One large warning sign is if a kid chooses to be alone regularly, not simply when playing video games, says Fletcher.

Fletcher recommends placing games in a common area of our home where the family members oftens collect so moms and dads can monitor their children and add if they discover glitch. It’s also crucial to gain a feel for just how much time a youngster or teen is playing video games

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association each suggest no greater than one to 3 hrs a day.

Benefits of playing video games.

While there is a lot of talk about the hazards of computer game, they can also be a force permanently.

In her function as main psychologist for the pain medication complex at Children’s National, Fletcher makes use of specifically developed computer game as a tool to detect clients and help them recover.

“We have actually discovered it is effective in distracting individuals from discomfort, to assist them discover ways to integrate and bring back feature in their life,” she says.

Fletcher calls it the “future of the clinical market” and predicts using video game innovation by health professionals will remain to grow.

She points to the success Children’s has actually had utilizing computer game to reach its teenage clients. “It is the world of adolescents; it is just what they stay in now,” she discusses, “and so integrating it right into the procedure actually helps them buy in.”.

Fletcher also states some business video games can have a positive effect on kids, such as the Madden football collection and SimCity, though also those games call for careful tracking.

“Everything in moderation,” she cautions, “whether it is an aggressive video game or a sporting activities computer game.”.

Grand Theft Auto – Banning ‘Violent’ Video Games and Media

We have an issue with computer game.

Regardless of the age and vast acceptance of the tool, even with the unintelligible width of content and art it has– from vibrant and pleasant adventures to pulpy loves, from mournful deconstructions of brevity to blowing up jeeps with rocket launchers– there stay sensitivities that we’ve long since left for various other types of amusement.

While representations of our culture in all its grime and a spirited overestimation of sex and brutality is a must in film and games, an antique understanding of the last as “much more active”, more probable to affect behaviour and more generally ideal for youngsters compared to movie, continues.

While as a society we value the really worth of films and TELEVISION implied expressly for the usage of adults, video games such as Grand Theft Auto V– rated R18+ and initial released more than a year back– can be drawn from sale at Target at the decrease of responses from a small number of individuals saying that it spreads out harmful ideas.

Proof of the difference in between the method we check out movies and games, and the sticking around understanding that video games are more suitable for children, is plain in the language used in the request that supposedly brought the concern to Target’s focus: “This sickening game encourages players to dedicate sex-related physical violence and eliminate women”, and “games similar to this are brushing yet another generation of boys to tolerate physical violence against women”.

While the idea that an item of enjoyment will affect its consumer to impersonate according to the themes of the story is absolutely nothing new (after all it occurred with theatre, publications, movie and television), it has been a specific sticking point for video games.

In this case, as opposed to addressing the surprisingly crucial problems of violence versus ladies (in the actual lived globe) or the exposure of kids to complex media they can not intend to procedure, the dispute has actually slammed back to the same old rhetoric: that violent representations notify a fierce society (not the other way around), and that obliterating the representations will certainly in some way result in a safer atmosphere.

Art and media, which includes video games as well as movies and books, have always been used to explore, discuss and play with taboo themes in a safe environment. In most cases it’s accepted that adults can engage with this kind of media if they intend to.

This should, of course, not be entirely without bounds, which brings me to another aspect of the petition, the idea that Grand Theft Auto rewards players for mimicing sexual violence.

As a matter of fact the Australian Classification Board guidelines are fairly clear– sex-related violence linked to any type of incentive or not justified by context disqualifies a video game from classification. Such a game would certainly not be released for sale in Australia at all. There are many folks with a completely unacceptable attitude to sexual violence, but this game didn’t give it to them.

And talking the Classification Board, bans obviously have a particular value in Australia given our country’s history with adult-focused computer game. Before January 2013, video games (such as GTA) that were plainly implied for adults were identified MA15+ and offered to kids, just because certain people within the government contradicted there were games that needs to be limited to folks over 18. Though the introduction of an R group was a favorable step, we plainly still have a means to go.

Especially, while some findings of the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association’s annual Digital Australia questionnaire may stun some folks (47 per cent of players are women; the typical age of computer game gamers is 36), there is one finding that is unfortunately not surprising at all: less than fifty percent of the people checked said a game’s category affects whether or not they would certainly buy it for a child.

There is an important conversation that needs to take place regarding video games with fierce and sex-related motifs in Australia, however it isn’t regarding whether or not stores should be selling them. We can take responsibility for the media our kids take in without eliminating the media completely.

I realise that Target not selling one game is hardly a mass book burning and even a restraint to any type of grownup who wishes to play the game. Nevertheless, a very public denial of a video game based on outdated mindsets and eager close-mindedness concerning home entertainment, only offers to foster those attitudes further.

They’re an obstacle to and diversion from a lot more important concerns.

The Best Games of 2014 for Me

The Tomorrow Children


“An unique Marxism simulator” is exactly how supervisor Dylan Cuthbert explains his newest video game, The Tomorrow Children. It’s certainly among those video games that’s challenging to sum up or distill right into a 60-second trailer for an interview. A PS4 unique, The Tomorrow Children is a sandbox encounter like nothing else. Embedded in the results of a experiment that went badly incorrect, incorporating every one of human awareness as well as concern, you play as a duplicate sent forth by the last continuing to be experts to recover the planet. Yet you’re truly cost-free to do whatever you desire: shield the community from bad dream beasts or go to the islands and also invest you time structure sophisticated passage systems. It’s the video game you desire it to be, and also it’s already among Sony’s many interested first-party exclusives.



While there were no brand-new beasts or seekers to experiment with at Gamescom, we did experiment with a brand-new map for Evolve at the program. Distillery is a tight, small area that produced high-tension play sessions as it normally really did not take wish for the seekers to locate the beast. Despite having the tight quarters as well as almost instantaneous activity, matches went back and forth in between the seekers and also the beast; it still surprises us just how well balanced the video game is, particularly with a lot of variables to consider. Progress continuouslies be the video game we intend to play even more of given that every suit we find out much more concerning the maps, capabilities as well as ideal methods.

Assassin’s Creed Unity

2013’s Black Flag could have showcased some exceptional marine fight and also expedition, yet there’s no question that the core Assassin’s Creed formula had actually or else gone stale rather because the stab-happy collection came to a head with merely its 2nd launch. Unity, the initial video game in the collection to be created entirely for next-gen systems, isn’t really hanging its hood on any sort of one gameplay hook. As an alternative the group behind it– included some 9 advancement centers– has actually undertaken redefining all features of the Assassin’s Creed encounter. Unity’s upgraded traversal as well as even more versatile goal style were front and also centre at Gamescom this year, together with even more smart opponent behaviour and also a wise, Splinter Cell-inspired ‘last well-known position’ system. Could this be a go back to achievement for Ubisoft’s crown jewel franchise business? The indications excel up until now.


Bloodborne might have been revealed at E3 however we found out a lot a lot more concerning From Software’s spiritual follower to Demon’s Souls at Gamescom. Shields have actually been disregarded to motivate gamers to be a lot more hostile. We viewed even more of its intricately-constructed gothic globe and also its charming beasts. The fight broken down in excellent information, as well as we were presented to a totally brand-new technician– the ‘restore system’– enables gamers to recover misused health by resisting. Actually, video game supervisor Hidetaka Miyazaki claims he does not also view at health bar when he plays Bloodborne; for him, it’s an abstract action of the gamer’s will certainly to take place, to stand firm, and also recover hope. Stylish individual, that Miyazaki.– Daniel Krupa

Psychologists Prove That Video Games Are Good For You

The crown jewel diary of the American Pyschology Association, American Pyschologist, has actually lately released a post that recaps a years of computer game study labelled The Benefits of Playing Video Games.

The short article is a meta-analysis of several research studies that reveal:

first-person shooters boost three-dimensional reasoning, a forecaster of job success in STEM areas. (“A just recently posted meta-analysis (Uttalet al., 2013) wrapped up that the spatial abilities enhancements stemmed from playing commercially offered shooter computer game approach the impacts of official (senior high school but university-level) programs focuseded on boosting these very same abilities.”).
folks which play a lot more computer games state far better issue fixing capacities.
computer game having fun is associated with imagination.
computer game having fun is associated with perseverance in trouble addressing.
puzzle video games boost state of mind, advertise leisure, and also fend off stress and anxiety.
playing terrible computer game en masse advertises participating actions, in the short-term, beyond the video game context.
adolscents that play video games with civic measurements (like video games with guilds but joint raids) are most likely to be participated in civic task in their daily lives.
After reviewing the press but the short article launch, I could think of a wave of news stories will certainly arise in the days in advance stating that “pyschologists have actually confirmed that video games benefit you.”.

The Benefits of Video Games is an excellent contribution to the literary works on video games and also discovering as well as video games and also psychological health. If you check out in the information or in your Twitter feed that this one research has actually cleared up the dispute but tested video games are excellent for you, then I would certainly suggest taking the time to review the write-up itself.

Naturally, showing that they benefit you does not imply that they aren’t additionally bad for you. There are still a lot of researches that connect video game playing to various other troubles as well as anti-social actions. I enjoy computer games, as well as I’m thrilled that scientists are significantly concentrated on their possible perks, however prospective advantages should be evaluated versus the impressive worries regarding the wide range of terrible, sexist, as well as various other troublesome material in video games, as well as exactly how these media influence producing thoughts.

It’s terrific that folks which play video clip games state that they are much better at resolving issues, yet that does not confirm that video clip games in fact make individuals far better issue solvers. If video clip game gamers are much more imaginative, it can be due to the fact that imaginative folks like video clip games The writers of the research are really clear regarding these distinctions in each research study they state on. That stated, there are a handful of research studies, specifically around first-person shooters, that do appear to verify that particular kinds of video clip games educate spacial reasoning in beneficial, negotiable methods, so purely talking, it is real to state that pyschologists have actually confirmed that video clip games are great for you. There are still plenty of research studies that connect video game playing to various other issues and also anti-social habits. I enjoy video clip games, but I’m thrilled that analysts are significantly concentrated on their possible advantages, however prospective advantages require to be considered versus the impressive problems concerning the broad selection of intense, sexist, and also various other troublesome material in video games, and also just how these media influence establishing thoughts.

But when the media records something like “video games benefit you,” it’s vital to keep in mind that pyschologists can not verify anything benefits you without doing a research on you directly. Researchers could verify that usually, in the populace, particular sort of methods or habits as well as normally cause particular sort of outcomes, but these work designs to determine for making theraputic or instructional selections, yet your specific gas mileage will certainly differ.

That said, there are a handful of research studies, particularly around first-person shooters, that do appear to confirm that particular sort of computer game educate spacial reasoning in valuable, negotiable methods, so purely talking, it clings state that pyschologists have actually shown that computer game benefit you. In this one extremely particular method. For one particular sort of video gaming method.

It’s terrific that individuals which play video clip games state that they are a lot better at resolving issues, yet that does not verify that video clip games really make individuals much better trouble solvers. If video clip game gamers are much more innovative, it might be due to the fact that innovative folks like video clip games The writers of the research study are really clear regarding these distinctions in each research they state on.

Google’s ‘Security Princess:’ Meet Parisa Tabriz


Comply with the the 31-year-old Iranian-American hacker who safeguards the tech titan from cyber offenders. Parisa Tabriz, 31, is the head of the team who secure Google Chrome and also its billions of users from criminal hackers. Or, put simply: she’s the company’s ‘Security Princess.’ Tabriz, who provided herself the title, is a trailblazer in the tech sector, where women are significantly underrepresented. At Google, just 30 percent of staffers are women.

As the most preferred search engine in the world, Google has its fair share of internet competitors excited to discover a problem in the business’s on-line makeup.
So the need for a whiz-hacker, learnt batting off threats from billions of crooks, has actually never ever been so huge.
The woman accountable of such activities is 31-year-old Parisa Tabriz – head of security at Google Chrome.

As one of the few ladies in such desirable roles within the business, the Iranian-American has actually aptly selected the title Security Princess.
‘I thought Details Security Designer sounded so boring. Guys in the market all take it so seriously, so security princess believed that accordingly whimsical,’ she informed the Telegraph.

Birthed to an Iranian dad and also Polish mom, Ms Tabriz grew up in Chicago with her 2 more youthful brothers.
Remarkably, she didn’t possess her very first computer until her first at the University of Illinois where she examined computer design.

After graduating in 2007, Ms Tabriz started working at Google immediately as well as in 2012 was provided in Forbes Publication’s 30 folks under 30 to watch in the innovation market.
Amongst her everyday tasks at Google is offering seminars to much less skilled ‘white hat cyberpunks’, functioning to safeguard the online search engine.
In her excellent, she asks students just how they would certainly hack right into a vending machine for chocolate without utilizing technology.
And while hacking might appear like a dark-art performed by society’s trolls, Miss Tabriz urges there is a more moralistic side to her duty.
Speaking of the individual in charge of swiping and dripping topless celeb photographs, she claimed: ‘Exactly what he did was not just an infraction of these women yet it was criminal, and as a hacker I was very distressed by it.
‘I seem like we, the hackers, need far better PR to reveal we’re not all like that.’.
Google provides cash money incentives of approximately $30,000 for ideas about bugs on Chrome. To date, the firm has paid up $1.25 million to deal with more than 700 concerns with the internet.

Batteries consisted of: A solar cell that keeps its own power

In the October 3, 2014 concern of the diary Nature Communications, the researchers report that they’ve prospered in integrating a battery and a solar battery right into one hybrid gadget.

Trick to the technology is a mesh photovoltaic panel, which permits air to go into the battery, as well as an unique procedure for transferring electrons in between the photovoltaic panel as well as the battery electrode. Inside the tool, oxygen as well as light allow various parts of the chain reaction that charge the battery.
The college will license the solar panel to industry, where Yiying Wu, instructor of chemical make up and hormone balance at Ohio State, says it will certainly help tame the costs of renewable energy.
“The cutting-edge is to make use of a photovoltaic panel to record the light, and after that use a cheap battery to save the energy,” Wu said. “We’ve incorporated both functions into one device. At any time you can do that, you lessen price.”.
He and his pupils think that their device lowers expenses by 25 percent.
The creation also addresses a longstanding issue in solar power performance, by getting rid of the loss of electrical energy that usually occurs when electrons have to travel between an outside battery and a solar cell. Typically, only 80 percent of electrons emerging from a solar cell make it right into a battery.
With this brand-new design, light is changed to electrons inside the battery, so virtually 100 percent of the electrons are conserved.
The design takes some hints from a battery previously produced by Wu and also doctoral student Xiaodi Ren. They designed a high-efficiency air-powered battery that discharges by chemically responding potassium with oxygen. The style gained the $100,000 tidy power prize from the U.S. Department of Energy in 2014, and the researchers developed a modern technology offshoot called KAir Energy Systems, LLC to produce it.
“Basically, it’s a breathing battery,” Wu stated. “It takes in air when it releases, as well as breathes out when it asks for.”.
For this brand-new study, the researchers intended to combine a photovoltaic panel with a battery just like the KAir. The obstacle was that solar batteries are normally made from solid semiconductor panels, which would block air from getting in the battery.
Doctoral student Mingzhe Yu made a permeable mesh photovoltaic panel from titanium gauze, a flexible material upon which he grew vertical poles of titanium dioxide like cutters of turf. Air passes easily via the gauze while the rods capture sunshine.
Typically, hooking up a solar cell to a battery would call for the use of four electrodes, the researchers discussed. Their hybrid layout uses simply three.
The mesh solar panel forms the initial electrode. Below, the analysts put a slim sheet of permeable carbon (the 2nd electrode) and also a lithium plate (the third electrode). Between the electrodes, they sandwiched layers of electrolyte to carry electrons back and forth.
Right here’s how the solar battery works: throughout charging, light smash hits the mesh photovoltaic panel and develops electrons. Inside the battery, electrons are specialized in the chemical decomposition of lithium peroxide into lithium ions and oxygen. The oxygen is launched into the air, and the lithium ions are saved in the battery as lithium metal after capturing the electrons.
When the battery discharges, it chemically takes in oxygen from the air to re-form the lithium peroxide.

An iodide ingredient in the electrolyte acts as a “shuttle” that brings electrons, and also transfers them in between the battery electrode as well as the mesh photovoltaic panel. The use of the additive stands for an unique technique on boosting the battery efficiency and also effectiveness, the team stated.
The mesh concerns a class of tools called dye-sensitized solar batteries, considering that the researchers used a red dye to tune the wavelength of light it records.

In examinations, they charged and discharged the battery repetitively, while doctoral student Lu Ma used X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to analyze just how well the electrode products endured– an indicator of battery life.

First they used a ruthenium substance as the red dye, yet given that the dye was consumed in the light capture, the battery lacked dye after eight hrs of asking for and releasing– also short a life time. They turned to a dark red semiconductor that wouldn’t be taken in: hematite, or iron oxide– additional generally called corrosion.

Coating the mesh with corrosion enabled the battery to charge from sunlight while maintaining its red shade. Based upon very early examinations, Wu and his group assume that the solar cell’s lifetime will be comparable to rechargeable batteries already on the marketplace.

The U.S. Department of Energy funds this job, which will proceed as the scientists discover methods to boost the solar battery’s performance with brand-new materials.

“The state of the fine art is to utilize a solar panel to catch the light, and also after that make use of an inexpensive battery to store the energy,” Wu said. The concept takes some signs from a battery previously established by Wu and doctoral student Xiaodi Ren. Right here’s exactly how the solar battery works: during charging, light favorites the mesh solar panel and creates electrons. Inside the battery, electrons are regarded in the chemical decomposition of lithium peroxide into lithium ions as well as oxygen. The oxygen is launched right into the air, as well as the lithium ions are kept in the battery as lithium metal after catching the electrons.

August Current Issues

UNITED STATE Launches Limited Airstrikes on ISIS (Aug.): ISIS intimidates to eliminate all Christians in Mosul who don’t transform to Islam. (Aug. 7): ISIS militants take control of the biggest dam in Iraq, which is found in Mosul. Head of state Obama announces in a press conference that he has actually accredited restricted airstrikes on ISIS as well as airdrops of humanitarian materials.

Egypt Mediates Israel Hamas Cease-Fire (Aug. 5): A 72-hour cease-fire mediated by Egypt starts. Israel withdraws its forces from the Gaza strip. Both Hamas and Israel accept talks, moderated by Egypt, in an initiative toward enduring peace. (Aug. 26): After fighting for 7 weeks and also trying a number of short-term cease-fires, Israel and also Hamas accept an open-ended cease-fire. The contract follows seven weeks of combating as well as is likewise mediated by Egypt. The acting agreement still has Hamas in control of Gaza while Israel and also Egypt still control access to Gaza, leaving no clear victor in this most current problem. Hamas states victory. Israeli Excellent Priest Benjamin Netanyahu is criticized in Israel for just how costly the dispute has actually been. Given that the dispute started last month, 2,143 Palestinians have been gotten rid of, primarily civilians, with greater than 11,000 wounded and 100,000 left homeless. On Israel’s side, 64 soldiers and 6 civilians have actually been killed.

August Current Issues – US vs the World


UNITED STATE General Killed in Afghanistan (Aug. 5): Maj. Gen. Harold Greene is assassinated by an Afghan soldier while visiting a military training academy near Kabul, Afghanistan. He is the first basic eliminated in struggle given that the Vietnam Battle. Hours later on, an Afghan cop opens fire on a team of American soldiers in Paktia Province. No American soldiers are gotten rid of in the attack. The shootings highlight the instability in the military and hurdles the Covering government deals with as the U.S. prepares to take out from the nation.

Hundreds of Migrants Flee to Spain (Aug. 11-12): Hundreds of migrants try to get away from Africa to Spain when they are obstructed in the Strait of Gibraltar by Spanish authorities. Spanish officials claim that the huge number of unlawful crossings is due to the failing of Morocco, which manages migration into Spain. Morocco does not take responsibility directly, while Inside Minister Mohamed Hasad does claim that “dysfunctions may have occurred as well as will be remedied quite swiftly,” according to Spanish information media.

ISIS Members Get rid of American Reporter (Aug. 19): Participants of ISIS behead American journalist James Foley, 40, in noticeable retaliation for UNITED STATE airstrikes versus the group. ISIS releases a graphic video of his killing. ISIS states Steven Sotloff, another kidnapped American journalist, will certainly be gotten rid of if the airstrikes continue.

U.S. Launches Limited Airstrikes on ISIS (Aug.): ISIS threatens to get rid of all Christians in Mosul that do not convert to Islam. (Aug. 7): ISIS militants take control of the biggest dam in Iraq, which is located in Mosul. ISIS Members Get rid of American Journalist (Aug. 19): Individuals of ISIS behead American reporter James Foley, 40, in obvious retaliation for U.S. airstrikes versus the department. ISIS launches a visuals video clip of his killing. ISIS states Steven Sotloff, one more kidnapped American reporter, will be gotten rid of if the airstrikes proceed.

Concepts I want in a Strategy Game

strategy games

Real time strategy games are very hard to develop in the video game industry. It’s THE GENRE where everything needs to be balanced: from the individual units to the building structures to the skills of every available unit to the map advantages of every camp. However, as an avid fan of the RTS genre, I cannot help but wish for a lot of concepts that would totally look awesome in a strategy game. I actually prefer strategy games with real military technology than sci-fi technology, although they look cool from time to time. I also love strategy games because it keeps your brain working all throughout the game.

What kind of concepts would I want?

1.)           Terrain advantages – Command and Conquer Generals made short work of this concept by allowing vehicle units like motorcycles and buggies to roam past any terrain. Whilst it was good, it would’ve been more awesome if infantry units could flank the enemy units by positioning themselves on the slopes, or tanks going down slopes instead of premade routes.

2.)           Terrain and map interaction – The C&C Generals and Red Alert series made use of this by allowing players to garrison their infantry units inside buildings. In Generals, Pathfinder units were placed in huts to remain undetected as they kill infantry units. What I want is more interaction with the map, like the ground is literally destroyed by bombs or explosions could cause craters, rendering a path useless or blocked. How awesome would that be if you were able to focus fire on a mountainside to create a roadblock? How awesome would it be to prevent your enemies from building again because their destroyed buildings left a huge crater after it exploded?

3.)           Naval warfare – I am not the only one who shares this sentiment. A lot of players are eager to see naval warfare on RTS. It’s a completely different ball game when you’ve got naval artillery to back your ground units up.

4.)           Weather conditions and day/night conditions– I wish to see an RTS with an interactive weather or a 24-hour environment. Warcraft III had a similar function where it would turn from day to night, but it was the only game that had this function. Heroes from this game would gain advantages if it was daytime or night. It would be awesome for units to have limited visibility because of fog and the darkness of the night.


Choosing a Gaming Laptop the Right Way

Gaming Laptop

Whether you’ve been eyeing that new Alienware laptop or that sleek Razer Blade, it’s always a good idea to know how much to spend on a gaming laptop. Based on experience, you can never be too careful with your money and it doesn’t even guarantee that a branded laptop will be worth your money. On my end, I have strict criteria that will help me pick the right gaming laptop for a particular budget. For this article, let’s say that I have a budget of $1000. That’s more than enough to get me a decent gaming laptop, right?

Gaming Laptopddd

Now, if I have a budget of a thousand dollars, my first instinct would be to buy a name-brand laptop like MSI or Alienware, but I have to consider the criteria for choosing a laptop.

First is longevity. For gaming laptops to be really worth the money, you need to find one that will allow you to game for long hours. if you were to buy a laptop that won’t even let you game for 2 hours straight, I would consider that a waste of money. Brands like Alienware and MSI are known for making laptops that will last up to 5 hours of non-stop gaming.

Core –i7

Up next we have the hardware. You are paying good money for power that fits on your lap. One way of gauging hardware that meets your budget is to keep an eye out for processors like Core –i7 processors, RAMS that go up to 8GB, video card memory of up to 2GB. If the specs of the hardware are anything less than that, don’t go for it.

Core –i7

If you have met the two criteria above, you’re going to make sure that you meet the last one. The last criterion is portability. With all that power in your hardware, you can’t expect the laptop to be ultra-light. When it comes to portability, the best thing that you can do is to go for weight. Normally, gaming laptops weigh an average of 6lbs to 14lbs, so you really have to determine which weight is portable for you. I’m more than satisfied with 8lbs or higher, as I own an MSI laptop and it weighs close to 8lbs. My brother also has an Alienware and it weighed 15lbs, and I found it OK to lug around because it’s gaming laptop and you can’t hide power!

There you have it! These are my criteria for choosing the best laptop within a budget.

Top Portable Gadgets for Gamers on the Go

Top Portable Gadgets

Laptops and personal computers remain to be highly popular mediums for game playing for the most avid gamers. But for those individuals who do not have much time to stay at home for hours at a time, or those who absolutely have to go online to play the moment they get some free time, even if it is just during the few minutes of commute to work or school, then portable gaming consoles are an absolute must have.

There is good news and bad news if you are in the market for a new portable gaming gadget. The good news is that there is wide array of choices out there so there will certainly be one or two that will fit your needs to a tee. The bad news is that with all the great choices available, you can get a splitting headache trying to decide on which one to buy! This is actually why some really enthusiastic (and apparently rich) gamers end up buying more than one console for their entertainment needs.

If you are like the vast majority of the population that can afford to buy only one expensive gadget at a time, following is a list of today’s top portable gaming gadgets that you can choose from.


Nintendo 3DS

Currently the leading handheld game console based on critics’ and customers’ reviews alike, there are plenty of reasons why you should seriously consider getting a Nintendo 3DS instead of other portable gaming devices. Just like most of its contemporaries, the 3DS is capable of online gaming, has a built-in microphone and webcam, has decent dimensions and weight, and is Wi-Fi compatible. But unlike a few of its competitors, the 3DS also has a camera and a touch-screen feature. It easily takes the cake as the best handheld console for most gamers, especially since its price is surprisingly affordable compared to the rest.




Though it does not get a unanimous thumbs-up from critics, the PSP Go from Sony is definitely a very close second to the 3DS. It is no secret that some of the best games are from Sony, and the PSP Go allows you to play these games wherever you go. In addition, it also allows you to store photos, music and videos as well. The only complaint that people have about this superior gaming device is that its small size makes it hard for big clumsy hands to master the controls, which can still be accomplished with a little bit of practice.


PlayStation Vita

Touted as “the must own gaming console of 2014”, Sony’s PlayStation Vita got off to a rocky start when it was introduced to the market last year. Too expensive and too high-end for the average consumer’s taste, it has recently gotten a makeover when Sony launched PlayStation Now, which is their new game streaming feature. This new service enables PlayStation Vita owners to play PlayStation 4 games without having to buy the significantly more expensive device. Plus, it now comes with a longer battery life, a more lightweight frame, a 5-inch LCD display, and built-in memory.

Best Computer Accessories for Gamers


We are in the midst of a rapidly changing technological era, where relatively new digital tablets, smart phones and laptops are being traded in for even newer models within just a matter of months or even weeks. There is definitely no shortage of new gadgets for techno-savvy individuals to choose from, each of which is packed with a plethora of unique features and notable specifications. But as a gamer, you can’t just automatically go for the latest pieces that come out into the market. You will have to pick your gadgets wisely so that you will have the best gaming experience possible, whether you are sitting in front of your personal computer at home or battling it out with online friends as you ride the bus to work.

Gaming Monitor


For the really serious gamer, there is extreme value in the impeccable display and sky-high resolution that you can only get from the top gaming monitors available in the world today. Take the 24-inch 144Hz monitor by AOC, for instance. The rapid response time of this monitor will make a world of difference between winning and losing in whatever game you are playing. Plus, the vibrant colors and lucid display are welcome bonuses that will further improve the quality of your gaming experience.

Gaming Keyboard


Ordinary keyboards will work for even the most complex games but most of them do leave a lot to be desired. First of all, standard keyboards are not really designed for heavy gameplay. Chances are that the most frequently used keys will soon malfunction or in some cases, fall right off the keyboard. Ordinary keyboards are also not lit, which causes a lot of frustration for gamers that like to play in low light. This problem is solved by using illuminated keyboards like the QuickFire Rapid-i gaming keyboard.


The G19s gaming keyboard by Logitech is one of the best investments you can make as an avid gamer. It’s not cheap but the features that it has are definitely worth the cost. It has multiple USB ports, 12 programmable keys that can take on 36 different functions and even a status tracker that lets you know what is going on in your games even if you are not playing.

Gaming Mouse

If you ask a gamer to use a regular mouse in playing his games, you would be asking for trouble. Not only would it be extremely frustrating to play a fast-paced game on a mouse that consistently lags, but it may also actually be uncomfortable on the hand and wrist.


A mouse that is especially built for gaming has an exceptional ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use for hours at a time. It also has a superior-grade optical sensor and some even have customizable buttons that can further simplify and advance your gaming performance. Depending on which games you like to play, some of the best gaming mice you can buy are the Titanfall R.A.T. 3, the Corsair Vengeance M65, and the G602 from Logitech.


Some of these accessories can be quite pricey, and investing in them will not necessarily make you a better player but there is no doubt that your gaming experience will be dramatically enhanced with the help of these products.

Top Online Multiplayer Games


Sometimes, playing an online game in solo mode can be fun – there’s no question about that. But there is also no denying that it is just much more enjoyable and more exciting to play it with and against a whole bunch of other players from all over the world. Luckily for us gamers, the Internet is currently bursting with options when it comes to multiplayer games so you will definitely be spoiled for choice.

We all have our personal preferences when it comes to gaming. Most likely, you have a couple of favorite online games that you absolutely have to play every single day. But if you are looking to expand your gaming horizons, or are simply curious as to what is currently popular out there, here is a list of the top online multiplayer games today.


World of Warcraft

The premise of this game is simple enough. You are a hero that has to complete missions, kill monsters and explore locations in the Warcraft universe. In addition, you get to interact with hundreds of other players who also take on the form of heroes in this virtual world. You will either fight with these other players or against them as you complete your missions and advance to higher levels. A warning though – WoW can be very addicting. Before you start your very first quest, make sure you have enough time on your hands and enough money in your credit account to keep playing regularly because I assure you, you will be hooked right from the start.


CounterStrike: Global Offensive

It’s quite a feat that after more than 10 years of being online, CounterStrike still has a massive following and continues to attract new players every day. Global Offensive is the latest version of this top-ranked tactical FPS game, and it features revised maps, improved graphics and a bunch of cool items not seen in previous versions. The mode of playing is the same as with previous version but for sure, a lot of exciting surprises await.


GTA Online

If you have ever played the single player versions of Grand Theft Auto, you know that this is the game for gamers that have an insatiable need for both speed and action. You will have to complete missions and travel through fictional cities while of course, driving vehicles of your choice. GTA Online just takes the game to a whole new level. The already controversial but nevertheless highly popular game becomes even more notorious as features such as human torture are added in this newest version. Now all additions are violent though – there are also friendly bikers and a vast selection of new missions. It is also about time that the franchise has finally added a feature that we have been clamoring for for a long time now – female characters!

Like I said though, the choices are endless and these are just three of my personal choices. To find out what tickles your fancy, get online and get playing because for sure, there are loads of badass online multiplier games out there just waiting for you to join in on the action.


Are Video Games Bad for your Child’s Development?


There has always been an ongoing debate on how video games can affect a child’s development. I am no psychologist, but I am a gamer. I have read a few articles about how children go on a violent rampage when they are influenced by video games, like how a 10 year old boy massacred his 11 year old friend because they argued in a video game. Let’s not forget about the famous World of Warcraft reaction video where a tween’s account was frozen by his parents and his reaction was like a toddler whose candy got taken away.

But let’s go over some important facts that will shed some light on this argument. Let’s focus on children aged 4 to 7 years old, or what I call the crucial childhood years.


Children at this age need to play. It’s as simple as that. Lawmakers from California argued 4 years ago that children are not getting enough play time outside that it has increased the chances of them developing ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and diminished social skills and capacities. Based on Piaget’s development theory, children at this age learn how to role play or interact. If it is taken away from them, they would lack the cognitive capabilities to interact with another child. This would lead to delayed development in their cognition.


Another possible argument that people can use is the fact that children, or toddlers, are impressionable. If you do this, there’s a chance that they will imitate it simply because they don’t know any better. The logic for this argument couldn’t be as sound as Newton formulating the Theory of Relativity, but let’s just illustrate. What if your 5 year old son got his hands on a Super Mario and he tries to imitate jumping up and down? It’s fun to look at, but God forbid he jumps into an open sewer.


However, some psychologists argue that video games can actually help a child in terms of cognition development. The first argument is that video games are able to help increase hand-eye coordination. Although it’s overkill to expose him to first person shooters, side scrollers like Super Mario can still help your child develop his hand-eye coordination. Problem solving skills are the next focus when it comes to why your child should play video games. Take the game Angry Birds or Cut the Rope. These games involve complex puzzle solving skills that would drive adults crazy yet we see children being able to play on the same level as adults.


Lastly, the skill of multitasking is developed. Multitasking is found in RTS or real time strategy games like Starcraft 2. This is where micro and macro management come in. though this game is too difficult for toddlers; children aged 10 years and above are known to play this game without any guidance. The ability to manage resources is also a skill that’s honed by video games, most especially RTS.


So, should parents let their children play video games? Yes, they should. But they should focus more on the importance of playing outdoors and interaction with other kids their age. It all boils down to moderation. If I become a parent, I would let him or her play video games when he or she has appreciated a good old scraped knee and a few bruises.