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My name is Anna Lee Goode and I am an avid writer. A little bit about me, though. I was born in Washington, USA, but my family migrated to Canada. I love to read and I love to write, but most of all, I am a gamer. I love video games. It’s rare, but there are girls who love to play video games not as much as guys do but we are here. My blog, TL-DR.CA, is intended for my long-winded reviews about video games, as well as other topics that interest me such as science, high tech, gadgets, web design and usability, some politics, and current events around the world.
Why is it called TL-DR? TL-DR is an abbreviation for TOO LONG, DID NOT READ in Internet-speak. This is used to indicate that a user has no time to read a long-winded article or the user wants a summarized version of it. I intend to fill this blog with long posts that are filled with meaty content and straight to the point facts that will make you ask for more. If you don’t like to read a long post, this blog may not be for you, but this will still help you develop the habit of reading a long text. To Level – Defeat Ranganathan. Gamers almost instinctively know that “leveling” is simply what we call advancing our character to the next level.

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