Concepts I want in a Strategy Game

strategy games

Real time strategy games are very hard to develop in the video game industry. It’s THE GENRE where everything needs to be balanced: from the individual units to the building structures to the skills of every available unit to the map advantages of every camp. However, as an avid fan of the RTS genre, I cannot help but wish for a lot of concepts that would totally look awesome in a strategy game. I actually prefer strategy games with real military technology than sci-fi technology, although they look cool from time to time. I also love strategy games because it keeps your brain working all throughout the game.

What kind of concepts would I want?

1.)           Terrain advantages – Command and Conquer Generals made short work of this concept by allowing vehicle units like motorcycles and buggies to roam past any terrain. Whilst it was good, it would’ve been more awesome if infantry units could flank the enemy units by positioning themselves on the slopes, or tanks going down slopes instead of premade routes.

2.)           Terrain and map interaction – The C&C Generals and Red Alert series made use of this by allowing players to garrison their infantry units inside buildings. In Generals, Pathfinder units were placed in huts to remain undetected as they kill infantry units. What I want is more interaction with the map, like the ground is literally destroyed by bombs or explosions could cause craters, rendering a path useless or blocked. How awesome would that be if you were able to focus fire on a mountainside to create a roadblock? How awesome would it be to prevent your enemies from building again because their destroyed buildings left a huge crater after it exploded?

3.)           Naval warfare – I am not the only one who shares this sentiment. A lot of players are eager to see naval warfare on RTS. It’s a completely different ball game when you’ve got naval artillery to back your ground units up.

4.)           Weather conditions and day/night conditions– I wish to see an RTS with an interactive weather or a 24-hour environment. Warcraft III had a similar function where it would turn from day to night, but it was the only game that had this function. Heroes from this game would gain advantages if it was daytime or night. It would be awesome for units to have limited visibility because of fog and the darkness of the night.


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