Top Online Multiplayer Games


Sometimes, playing an online game in solo mode can be fun – there’s no question about that. But there is also no denying that it is just much more enjoyable and more exciting to play it with and against a whole bunch of other players from all over the world. Luckily for us gamers, the Internet is currently bursting with options when it comes to multiplayer games so you will definitely be spoiled for choice.

We all have our personal preferences when it comes to gaming. Most likely, you have a couple of favorite online games that you absolutely have to play every single day. But if you are looking to expand your gaming horizons, or are simply curious as to what is currently popular out there, here is a list of the top online multiplayer games today.


World of Warcraft

The premise of this game is simple enough. You are a hero that has to complete missions, kill monsters and explore locations in the Warcraft universe. In addition, you get to interact with hundreds of other players who also take on the form of heroes in this virtual world. You will either fight with these other players or against them as you complete your missions and advance to higher levels. A warning though – WoW can be very addicting. Before you start your very first quest, make sure you have enough time on your hands and enough money in your credit account to keep playing regularly because I assure you, you will be hooked right from the start.


CounterStrike: Global Offensive

It’s quite a feat that after more than 10 years of being online, CounterStrike still has a massive following and continues to attract new players every day. Global Offensive is the latest version of this top-ranked tactical FPS game, and it features revised maps, improved graphics and a bunch of cool items not seen in previous versions. The mode of playing is the same as with previous version but for sure, a lot of exciting surprises await.


GTA Online

If you have ever played the single player versions of Grand Theft Auto, you know that this is the game for gamers that have an insatiable need for both speed and action. You will have to complete missions and travel through fictional cities while of course, driving vehicles of your choice. GTA Online just takes the game to a whole new level. The already controversial but nevertheless highly popular game becomes even more notorious as features such as human torture are added in this newest version. Now all additions are violent though – there are also friendly bikers and a vast selection of new missions. It is also about time that the franchise has finally added a feature that we have been clamoring for for a long time now – female characters!

Like I said though, the choices are endless and these are just three of my personal choices. To find out what tickles your fancy, get online and get playing because for sure, there are loads of badass online multiplier games out there just waiting for you to join in on the action.


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