Top Video Games of All Time


I have been playing video games for the better half of my life, or probably more than that. There’s no way that I can give you a complete list of the top video games of all time, simply because it’s impossible and it’s biased. Everyone will always nitpick on your list and say otherwise. But as an avid gamer, I can tell you that these video games on my list are there because they have made an impact in my life in one way or another. They may have a.) Traumatised me, b.) Made me cry, or c.) Gave you so much hell that it left an impression.


First, I want to talk to you about Chrono Trigger. No, not Chrono Cross (that piece of crap game could never hold a candle to Chrono Trigger). I played this when I had the NES console Chrand my dad gave it to me as a birthday present. Right then and there, I knew there was something special about this game. Chrono Trigger is a classic from Squaresoft (now known as Square Enix and the people behind Final Fantasy). Now, you play as Crono – a red-haired, Dragonball Z looking character- that travels in time to save the world from destruction. The story is great and the game itself is great. I would question every gamer’s reputation or acclamation of title if they have not played Chrono Trigger.

Second on my list is Silent Hill from the PSX. That’s right. The first game of the franchise makes it way to my list simply because of the fear factor that it offers. Gamers will also tell you that no game will ever scare like the first Silent Hill game. You play this guy who ends up in a town named Silent Hill (Spoiler alert!) and you make your way through zombie monster dogs and flying creatures to look for your daughter. What made this game so fantastically scary and scarring is the entire ambience. tyuHorror games nowadays tend to focus on music or effects for the scare, but Silent Hill doesn’t do this. You’re left on your own to battle with the monsters to the point that your other senses, like hearing, are put to the test. The story is not disappointing and actually delivered the goods back in the day.

Another game that makes it to this list is Metal Gear Solid, also from the PSX. The second game of the franchise (the first one was for the NES). Solid Snake goes on the hunt for Metal Gear Rex, a huge mechanoid that makes nuclear missiles look like Pop Rocks. This huge robot poses a threat to the entire world and Solid Snake goes on the hunt for the one behind it – Liquid Snake.Met The storyline is solid and the characters are just so awesome. Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven, and Psycho Mantis. Who wouldn’t love those characters with cool names? The difficulty of the game is also one of its best qualities. It’s not your run-of-the-mill shooter/espionage game, so you’re going to get more than what you’ve bargained for.

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